Book in a Month Day 3

A day late, but here we go….

New format for my blog

BIAM: Day 3 is outlining the novel using the 10 key scenes.  I was pleased that my novel already hit most of blocks on the worksheet.  I was also able to transfer my personal outline on my computer onto the worksheets.

In addition, I’m suppose to also complete a research worksheet.  The topics that make the context of my novel is Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.  I’m still looking for a good source for Abnormal Psychology and parapsychology.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

Writing Time Tracker:  I wrote chapter 3 today, which is narrated by Crystal.  I think now that I have a better grasp on her character (she’s an Amazon archetype with an INFP personality on MBTI chart,) that this is one of her better chapters.  Tough, but sensitive and caring.  Just like with chapter two, I believe this chapter sets up nicely for the inciting incident scene which takes place in chapter 10.

Colored Concept Art: I drew Aakash leaping downward today using an animated Nightwing pose.  Originally I tried drawing bigger, but it wasn’t working for me.  I drew him smaller and it looks more like a manga drawing (not saying that it is).  Again, I really have to practice drawing bigger, so I can work on the details of the face more.  foa_aakashdesai


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